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Why Every Engaged Couple Needs Premarital Counseling

Who needs it?

As the title indicates: every engaged couple will benefit significantly from premarital counseling. Marriage is a big commitment. It is also a big life change. Being married means sharing your life: your space, your experiences, your hopes and fears with a partner. It means intertwining your decisions and life path with someone else. Most people probably don’t think about premarital counseling when they decide to get married. For most, this is not something they figure into their wedding plans. However, the lifestyle adjustment and commitment that marriage entails is challenging for even the most prepared, devoted, and cooperative couples. Premarital counseling should be considered a necessary part of anyone’s pre-wedding planning. Lifehelp has licensed therapists who can offer their experience and skills to help you and your partner ensure a healthy and fulfilling life together.

Why is it important?

Premarital counseling is the key to a healthy marriage. It is a type of family counseling that can help you set the stage for a marriage built on trust, compassion, and mutual fulfillment. 

  • Premarital counselors are trained to help you learn strategies for dealing with the inevitable conflicts that will arise. 
  • Counselors can help you develop open and compassionate communication and conflict management. 
  • These experts are skilled at helping you and your partner foster healthy positive behaviors and avoid negative patterns. 
  • They can help you and your partner foster a sense of mutual respect and learn how to negotiate decisions in a mutually satisfactory way. 
  • They will also help you learn how to manage the stress that can accompany this lifestyle shift and be a present partner. 

What are the benefits?

Premarital counseling will help you build a healthy, happy, and sustainable marriage. There are numerous benefits to premarital counseling. Premarital counseling sets you on the right path by helping you build effective positive behaviors and avoid negative behaviors. Premarital counseling can help you determine how to intertwine the mundane successfully, but nonetheless integral, aspects of your lives in a mutually satisfactory way. For example, premarital counseling can help you figure out how to coalesce your finances or daily routines in a way that fosters connection and sharing. Premarital counseling can also help you and your partner understand your individual behaviors, particularly conflict management and communication and help you discover and enact positive, relationship-affirming behaviors as a couple. On a more overarching level, premarital counselors can help you identify or create common goals for your shared life and help you find the tools to make those goals a reality. These are just a few examples of the benefits of premarital counseling. Whether you are discussing more mundane or material aspects, behavioral aspects, or individual and mutual expectations of marital and parental roles, premarital counseling is crucial to ensuring you are sharing and building a healthy relationship.

How does it work?

Premarital counseling can take many forms. The method you choose depends on your priorities, needs, and schedule. Premarital counseling can be done by an individual couple alone or in a group setting. Whether you choose an individual (just you and your partner) or group settings depends upon your preferred counseling style and needs. There are also online counseling courses and questionnaires that can help determine your and your partner’s individual and composite strengths and potential challenges, what kinds of positive behaviors you should focus on fostering, and what negative behaviors you will need to work on overcoming. 

LifeHelp has licensed premarital therapists ready to help

Lifehelp offers a network of skilled, experienced, and caring licensed therapists who specialize in premarital counseling. The flexibility of Lifehelp’s virtually-mediated counseling methods facilitates incorporating premarital counseling into your schedule without sacrificing the quality of counseling. Lifehelp offers counseling online or through phone or video chat. Premarital counseling is challenging (but highly rewarding) partnership work. The network of skilled therapists at Lifehelp and the convenience of accessing them facilitate the process of finding the right therapist and counseling schedule. 

What can you do to make the most of premarital counseling?

Making the most of premarital counseling depends mainly on the mindset that you go into it with. The first key to success is to realize that premarital counseling will be a difficult journey. However, if you take the time and effort to really open yourself up to it, it will also be an incredibly rewarding journey that will set you and your partner on a path to a fulfilling life together. Next, it is vital to treat the counseling session as a “safe space” – to commit to complete honesty during counseling and to commit to the idea that what is said in this sanctuary space is not intended to be used against your partner or shared with anyone else. 

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