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What Do I Need to Know About Online Counseling?

Technology and the internet have changed human interaction in these latter days. With innovative ideas springing up daily, you can do a lot of things online including banking, shopping, working, and many more.

Although therapy has evolved over time, one thing that remains constant is the relationship between therapist and patient. The goal of this relationship is to create a safe space for patients to express feelings and get help. Today, online counseling has become much more significant than ever before, and it continues to grow.

In this article, we will provide you with the necessary information about online counseling.

Will I get the total therapy experience from online counseling?

Online counseling is the process of talking with a licensed professional therapist online. It is the same as traditional offline counseling except for the fact that it is done virtually. With the help of a therapist, you can change your life and gain more clarity about several important emotions that you feel.

Many people assume that online therapy is a recent development. However, there are studies about online counseling that dates as far back as 2013. For example, a study conducted by the Journal of Addictive Disorders in 2013 found that online counseling was just as effective as meeting your therapist in a defined space. The study also found that patients were more likely to give regular updates and correspondence with the healthcare professional.

You may need to get rid of all distractions to get the optimal value of online counseling. Ensure that you have a private space and that you wouldn’t be interrupted during sessions. There has to be a measure of professionalism for online counseling to be effective.

Think about this for a second: we all talk to friends and family online every day. We also do a lot of ‘personal’ or ‘official’ things online and achieve great results. This is because technology has provided real-time tools that replicate the face-to-face discussions that we usually have. With quality video and a great internet connection, you can get the best out of therapy from your comfort zone.

Benefits of online counseling include:


Online counseling gives you access to a professional therapist with some clicks on your mouse or some taps on your screen. This means that you do not need to cancel your appointments because of a therapy session. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can hold your sessions wherever you wish to. Also, online counseling takes away those factors that may otherwise stress you during traditional therapy sessions (such as commuting, parking, waiting room, etc.) It helps you to save time and money.


Online counseling does not have to replace traditional counseling; they can work hand in hand. This offers you the luxury of choosing what works best for your lifestyle. It also helps you to fit therapy sessions based on your schedule. With online therapy, you can travel around the world and still keep in touch with your therapy sessions.

Therapists can also benefit from this flexibility and work with clients from any location. By doing this, they can reach a broader geographical region.


Unfortunately, people are quick to stigmatize people that are in therapy. We are working tirelessly to silence these false generalizations by informing more people about the priority of mental health. With online counseling, you don’t have to worry about bumping into your nosy colleague right before you enter your therapist’s office. It also helps you to keep your journey to recovery private and grow at a high pace.


Traditional counseling often limits your options because you may need to choose those that are located around you. Online counseling takes away this limitation and helps you to connect with skilled therapists from all states (as long as they are certified in those states). This is great for patients because it provides access to quality mental health care.


Online counseling is significantly more economical for the patient, as well as the therapist. It takes away several procedures and costs that are involved in setting up traditional counseling sessions. Many online counselors offer bonuses that allow you to test the water before making a commitment. And you can also find counselors in any price category.

How do I get started with online counseling? 

Your mental health is essential, and there is a need to understand your emotions and process them. There is a tendency for situations to cause you to get anxious about the future. It is vital to keep your mind fit and understand your emotions and the things that trigger them.

Lifehelp App offers a wide range of online therapy sessions that are specially designed to relieve you from issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression, relationship problems, etc. The process of connecting to our team of professionals is seamless and quick.

Lifehelp is driven by the need to provide adequate support to everyone that needs to improve their lives. We provide clients with a unique opportunity to be guided by certified professionals who are always ready to help you.

Online counseling will benefit patients and therapists alike. Our quality online counseling services can help you to change your life and your situation.

We care about your mental health no matter what life throws at you. Please stay safe and feed your mind with positivity.

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