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Types of Counseling

No matter what you need, there’s someone who can help. As there are many different types of difficulties or different areas of one’s life that can cause challenges, you’ll find trained counselors and therapists specializing in these issues. 

Marriage and family counseling

Among therapists, you’ll find licensed therapists trained in helping people who are having marital or familial challenges and want to improve their marriage or their relationship with their family. Therapists trained in marriage counseling are experts in cultivating healthy communication and support between romantic life partners. Therapists focused on family counseling can help parents and children alike. They can help parents build healthier relationships with their children or learn more effective parenting styles. Family therapists can also help with children’s development and behavior, ensuring healthy movement through this life stage.

Career guidance and counseling

There are also trained therapists that can help you with your career choices. Whether you don’t know what kind of career you want, don’t know how to get your current career off the ground, or need a way to find meaning and satisfaction in your career path, trained therapists have the experience and skills to help you. They can help you decide what steps you need to take in order to find a meaningful and sustainable career. They can also help you figure out what skills, training, or education you need to achieve your career goals. As well, they can help you navigate the job market and figure out what your options are. 

Educational counseling

The pace of today’s world has created more opportunities for knowledge but also more anxiety and learning difficulties. Today, children, teenagers, and young adults face a more demanding educational environment. Sometimes school or university guidance counselors are simply not equipped to help kids, teenagers, and young adults cope with academic demands or personal challenges that make educational achievement difficult. There are trained therapists who offer educational counseling to help you or your family members make the most out of their educational experience and come through the youth or emerging adulthood life stage prepared for their next stage. 

Rehabilitation counseling

Trained rehabilitation therapists can help you whether you have a disability or are trying to learn how to cope with or facilitate someone else’s life with a disability. Disabilities come in a variety of forms. They take the form of physical, mental, or emotional difficulties and can appear to the outside world as both visible and invisible, as well as range in severity from the moderate to the acute. Either way, they present challenges for those trying to navigate the world with a disability. Trained therapists skilled in rehabilitation counseling can help manage the emotional and physical stresses arising from functioning with a disability as well as helping you learn how to navigate the world and find satisfaction and success. 

Addiction (or substance abuse) counseling

If you are struggling with an addiction, whether to drugs or alcohol or to unhealthy behavior such as an eating disorder, there is a network of trained, licensed therapists ready to help you. This is sometimes referred to as “substance abuse counseling,” but that name is a bit misleading as these therapists are equipped to help you manage and overcome a range of unhealthy compulsions, not just drug or alcohol abuse. Trained therapists are licensed to assess and diagnose addiction or unhealthy compulsive behaviors. Once they help you understand your addiction, they can help you understand this behavior and take control back over your life.  

Mental health counseling

Mental health counseling is generally what people assume when they think about what therapists and counselors do. Mental health issues are very common. People face a range of mental-emotional difficulties like anxiety disorders, depression, personality, attention, bipolar disorders, and post-traumatic stress, as well as more acute mental health issues such as phobias or schizophrenia. Licensed therapists can diagnose, assess, and determine treatment options. These caring and skilled therapists can help you learn how to manage these difficulties and help you figure out how to navigate your life to find comfort, satisfaction, and happiness.

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